Fasting – first successful 24-hour dry fast

Today was the first day I was able to last to 24 hours for a fast, and it was a dry fast.  I was surprised at how little of a difference it was feeling wise between a dry fast and a water fast.  In fact, I actually felt less hunger today with a dry fast.  I did notice severe amounts of what felt like primal thought manipulation going on by my brain, and it taught me a lot of what I need to look forward to and work on as well.

My last meal was at approximately 5:00pm yesterday evening.  I’m waiting for my burger to come in front of me at the restaurant right now, about the same time (5:18pm now).  Not a lot to say really since it was only 24 hours and the real action doesn’t happen until after 48 hours, but this means I’m one step closer.  Tomorrow will be a 24 hour water fast, then I’ll go from there.

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