Fasting – Psychological blocks

This weekend’s fasting was blocked from issues I ran into with psychological blockages.  I’m noticing an issue with my lifestyle that has made my mind think about two things: work & eating.  I’ve noticed while trying to fast the first 24 hours that my life needs to be changed big time to fast.  I had to break my fast after 22 hours since basically I had no idea what to do.  I normally work (which is easy to not eat at! LOL) but after work I notice my life is working on personal things at home and going to a local dive bar where I hang out with friends there while I eat food & drink a diet soda while talking.  I need to change my life.

My goal this week is to force myself through a 24 hour fast.  It will be hard for me, as silly as it may sound since my mind will be screaming at me but hey.  If I make it through the 24 hour fast, then I will try to continue through a 48 hour fast.

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