Clone Wars!

November 2008:

Clone wars!

At last back amongst the surviving packets on the grand isobaric terrain of the intArweb.  In my travels I have seen many lonely deserted packets, dropped needlessly from their groups… 8, 32, thousands… why do they not care for the feelings of a single packet, leaving them to separate into fragments of bits at our very feet.  But behold, I have before me packets folded to my bidding.  Networks staged on the very air over my living establishment are now mine, MINE, at my very bidding… my beckoned call to bow upon my every whim and desire.

Oh yes… I have internet access now.  Clandestinely perhaps, but I never claimed to be a Greenpeace activist.  I’m not armed enough for that role, yet.

June 2010:

Time progresses and this blog consists of things I have ran across and/or learned within the last 2 years.  In some cases, simply being a documentation for me to refer to later, along with sharing to the rest of the world.  I forget more than I ever type, sadly.
No longer am I clandestinely pirating airwaves to gain ‘net access.  I find my own connection to be far more sound.  That, and I can afford it now 😉


Keto diet (lifestyle) – week ???

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m no good at updates.  Life tends to grab hold of me and the next thing you know you’re weeks into the future.

So, I’ll also admit, I’ve not been loyal to the keto diet since I’ve had quite a bit of drama in life but I have learned it has a significant impact in my body.  I do still use the Keto Chow meal replacement, but I’ve been evolving my life since I started.  I’ve introduced a light form of fasting into my life, called “intermittent fasting”.  Don’t let the word “fasting” throw any red flags.  Intermittent fasting is when you have a window of time that food is eaten, and outside of that window of time is only water/electrolytes.  What I do is eat Keto Chow (or omelets, meats, green vegetables) between 12:00 noon & 4:00 PM.  I break it down into 3 separate meals, spanning 12:00/1:30-2:00/3:30-4:00.  The nice thing about eating keto is the appetite dies down compared to the blood sugar highs & lows when eating otherwise.  This happens once the body acclimates to the style of eating.  I’ve been there, but knocked myself out by being stupid and having a craving for stuff like a burrito and beer, etc.  NOT good when in ketosis since the body at that point starts to suddenly break down those carbs & shoot the broken down macros into your blood… not bad if it’s below 20 or so net carbs a day but once it gets above that then the body loves to store and re-arrange enzyme creation/ratios/etc…. fun times.

Another thing I’ve found helpful is an electrolyte mix that is helpful when you drink it sparingly through the day.  It’s used by both keto & snake diet users, simply because it’s great for keeping your body in check both with minerals & pH.  In the keto realm it’s called “ketoade” & in the snake diet realm it’s called “snake juice”.  It’s an electrolyte mix that provides potassium/magnesium/salt along with additional pH balancers to help your body stay in an alkali state which helps the body with metabolizing fats more efficiently.  Do NOT drink as fast as you would a beverage, as it can send you to the restroom if you do that.  2 liters is enough for the day in most cases, unless you are sweating profusely which requires more of those electrolytes!

This is my recipe for 2 liters (which I keep in a 2-liter insulated jug)
Mix together very well to dilute!  I purchased all of this through Amazon

  • Water – 2 Liters
  • Potassium Chloride powder – 1 Teaspoon (2560 mg) –
  • Sodium Chloride (Himalayan Pink Salt) – 1/2 Teaspoon (840 mg sodium)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) – 1 Teaspoon (1080 mg sodium) –
  • Magnesium Sulfate – 1/2 Teaspoon (200 mg magnesium) –
  • (OPTIONAL, if you want sweetness) Stevia powder – 1 micro-scoop (1/32 teaspoon)
    For Stevia, I’d recommend mixing together with a teaspoon or two of water separately to dilute then add.


Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – second week – Thursday thru Saturday

Being the end of the second week of ketogenic eating, I figured I’d close the week out with a post.

Nothing much different happened, just the same good stuff.  My body is remaining stable with glucose, as well.  I’ve decided to change the numbers of meals per day to reflect a lessened time per blood insulin increase which happens no matter what you eat.  I was eating 4 meals per day, but I’m lessening to 3 for now.

One change I did include into this week was a fasting period.  It gives the body time to burn off glucose & glycogen stored.  It also helps with lots of other things non-related to weight loss like HGH increase, lowering any insulin resistance, and helping the body in general clear itself out instead of constantly needing to deal with energy conversion.

I’ve done ketone testing today as well (just as last saturday), and I was at 2.6 mmol/l.  It seems all the numbers are right where they need to be, thankfully.  Weight-wise, this week I lost 6 lbs.  I’ve also decided to include 30-minute cardio bicycle activity into the mix for heart-health since I will be more bicycle-friendly with the cooler weather coming in a month or two and a new bicycle finally arriving soon.  One thing I have noticed since ketogenic eating is that the oxygen absorption of the muscles & body during cardio activity seems to be a lot more prominent.  I’ve been able to last longer without the issues I’ve had in the past. (when I was a cyclist, and weighed less as well).

Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – second week – Monday thru Wednesday

With this week, I can feel my body becoming more adapted to energy usage.  The amount of energy pulled from food I can feel being stored and used without feeling tired and groggy.  It’s a slow progression, but very noticeable after 8:00pm at night.  Normally, my body progresses into a state of tiredness and not being able to think much past 8:00pm.  Now, I can feel myself far more cognitively alive.  Not a good thing when your wanting to sleep, but I’ll definitely jump at it since it’s a start of something happening.

My weight within the last week has dropped by quite a bit.  Water weight was lost last week within the beginning, going from 236 lbs to 230 lbs.  Within the last 5 days (since this past saturday July 28th) weight has dropped from 226 lbs to 222 lbs.  I am finding now that my body works better when I recalibrate the macro nutrient amounts every week.  The page helps extensively with finding the amount of macro nutrients needed for a particular calorie amount.
Since I am using Keto Chow, the daily macro nutrients are mostly taken care of by simple math.  On the back of each Keto Chow bag, the nutrient listing is visible per scoop with the gram weight of each scoop available.

What I do is take both the weight along with the calorie listing separately, and multiply by 3 for the weight of the Keto Chow powder for the entire day. (i.e. take the calories per scoop and multiply by 3, and take weight in grams of scoop and multiply by 3)
I then take the daily calorie amount to be consumed, and subtract the amount of daily calories for the powder.  This gives you the amount of calories for oil throughout the day.
Take the daily oil calories, divide by 8, then multiply that by 0.93 for the amount of oil needed daily in grams.  This is for avocado oil.  Divide that gram amount by 3, and that is the amount of oil used for each of the 3 meals.
Simple math:  (calories for day – calories of powder) / 8 ) x 0.93 = grams of oil used daily

With 3 meals daily, each meal would be 1 scoop serving mixed with the amount of daily oil divided by 3.  Add oil, scoop of powder, then water.  Mix this up good and well, then chill for at least 30 mins to an hour.  (I do overnight)  That’s it.  It’s actually quite amazing how satiating it is when that much fat is able to line the stomach.  Be sure to drink lots of water through the day, as keto consumes lots through digestion.


My daily week of 1,200 calories for Mocha will be:
144 grams daily of Keto Chow powder / 3 meals = 48 grams per meal
( ( 1200 kcal daily – 402 kcal of powder ) / 8 ) x 0.93 ) = 93 grams avocado oil / 3 meals = 31 grams oil per meal


Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – first week – Thursday thru Saturday

I’ve decided to take advantage of the fact that the market is actually offering tools to measure ketones in your blood, so I ordered a ketone monitoring system.  It’s basically just like a glucose monitoring system for diabetics, in fact it does that as well just with two different style test strips to be used.  I’m doing it to make sure my blood ketone level is within tolerance, and not going way over or under.  The optimum level is 1-3 mmol/l.  After shopping around for longer than I would have liked with keto being a trend now, I found one that is less expensive than most per test strip while having a good track record of precision.  The brand is keto mojo ( which does both glucose & ketone level monitoring with two different types of test strips.  It comes with 10 ketone test strips, and are about $1/test strip when purchased separately.


I was on intermediate fast from 11:00pm until 12:00 noon (13 hours) before using the monitor for the first time.  I set it up first per instructions and ran the code chip through.  I then used an alcohol wipe to clean my finger off, dropped a ketone strip into the top loading slot of the keto mojo, lanced my finger at 4/6 setting on the lancet, squeezed a drop of blood out and touched the tip of the test strip to the drop.  That’s about all there is to it, then wait 5 seconds as it counts down while processing.

I’ve only really been on the ketogenic diet since July 11th, and during that time I’ve been almost entirely on Keto Chow meal replacement powder with avocado oil.  (Occasionally at restaurants with friends and had to improvise of course). Currently, Keto Mojo is measuring my blood at 2.3 mmol/l, which is obviously between 1 & 3 which is a good thing to see.  I’m going to monitor my blood once or twice a week, more than likely in the mornings due to fasting time.

I do have to say that the weight loss from keto is effective.  I started 10 lbs heavier than I am right now, and while the first 5 or so pounds are water weight on keto, there’s obviously more than 5 lost.  I know the loss rate will drop since my calorie intake is more geared towards 1-2 pounds per week and not more.

Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – first week – Monday thru Wednesday

With everything going on in life, I haven’t had a chance to post my first update since I’ve started take 2 of my ketogenic diet.  I’ve been anxious to come back and post about my experiences.
With my preparation of eating meal-replacements for a while (Soylent, a non-keto food) to prepare myself to eating keto-style meal-replacement, it really took no work to start eating ketogenic.  Before going too far, I’ll just say that since I’m busy and I’m also aiming to correct my weight by a large amount, I’m using a meal-replacement powder mixed with avocado oil and water.  It’s called Keto Chow, a brand name sold by Chris Bair at and I’ll be honest it’s been ironed out to work nicely.

The first (official) ketogenic week has worked out nicely, and I’ve taken the time through research to find out my body feels far more satiated and not hungry when eating a keto diet.  I went as far as going into an intermittent fasting (not eating) from noon yesterday until noon today… without really being hungry.  Today I did start feeling my belly grumbling around 11:30am, so that was my first serving for the day.  (x1 325 kcal keto chow drink)  Since quite a bit of it is fat, it kept me full until 3:30pm-4:00pm when I had another just to stay on time.  I then went to the gym and 5:30pm and then had my 3rd keto chow drink.  I then went home and relaxed until just now (7:15pm) when I’m having my last keto chow drink while posting this.

I’m mixing intermittent fasting in with my ketogenic diet due to the research I’ve read showing how the two work together nicely for burning fats.  My primary plan is to concentrate my meals between noon & 8:00pm, leaving 8:00pm through 12:00 noon of the following day as an intermittent fasting period.  This allows the body to not only deal without food, but also to clean toxins out while food is not being processed.  It’ll take a few weeks to fully be in ketosis (when the body switches from burning carbs as fuel to burning fats due to depletion), so on we go to the rest of the week!

Ketogenic diet – take 2

After doing the ketogenic diet about 6 months ago, I figured I’d leave a bit of time for myself to reclaim my pride since I bailed. I decided now to go back to trying it again, only acclaimate myself to meal replacement drinks before jumping into Keto chow.
About 1 week ago I started the Keto chow brand ketogenic diet drink, which makes it much easier to eat in a ketogenic fashion without needing to worry about what contains carbohydrates and whatnot. So far I have to say, the product has come a long way and is more filling along with easier to whip up. I like having 4 small meals a day (like the zone diet), so I take the full days size of powder and divide by 4 then use that per drink.
It’s very simple, I use avacado oil as my fat source for the drink (which is almost taste free and very friendly to your digestive system), instead of heavy cream as they recommend since I’m lactose intolerant. If you figure there are 8 calories per gram of avacado oil, it’s easy enough to divide the amount of calories desired by 8 and get the number of grams to use. The idea is that the powder contains all nutrition and protein, while the added oil (or heavy cream) contains the fat the body needs. The concept of ketogenic is to withhold carbs as the body goes through ketosis, which then causes the body to use the stored fat as it’s primary energy source. It requires a bit of change in diet and control as well, but ultimately it can help blood pressure along with sugar levels in the blood.

In comes the cavalry, an easy to use meal replacement drink that can assist in moving towards ketosis.  I aim for 1,600 calories a day, with 41g avacado oil & 33-41g Keto chow powder per drink, depending on which flavor since each weigh different.  After that, this with that along with water and shake it up:

and this is one of four of the mixer bottles I use to mix them up & sit in the fridge for an hour or two.  After that, I pour each into their own hydro flask insulated container (20 oz), and put in the fridge until morning.

its a world of its own, and takes a bit of endurance since the first couple days require burning off the bodies glycogen to reach ketosis.  Once that happens, it’s all about drinking water & electrolytes along with the meal drinks and that’s it.

lets see how things go.  So far I’ve dropped water weight of 5-6 lbs, but that comes and goes through life.

Macbook Pro on battery – lid closed without issue

I’ve used Macbook Pro for years now, and up until I picked up my latest 2017 Macbook Pro I never worried about having external monitors.  It wasn’t until an incident with my iMac having a video module go out that I figured It’d be best just to have one computer for everything.  That’s when I picked up the latest 15 inch Macbook Pro, and dual monitors plugged in with HDMI to USB-C adapters.  (MUCH sweeter than previous setups on systems)  The biggest problem I ran into was not being able to close my laptop screen with the external monitors attached, without the system going into standby mode.  Before anyone says anything, the heat is expelled through the bottom on left and right openings to avoid the monitor being closed being an issue.

Up until MacOS High Sierra came out, I was using a 3rd party application called InsomniaX to keep the system from sleeping when the lid was closed.  It’s a great application, but for some reason stopped disabling lid sleep on battery when I installed High Sierra.  Problem.  After research, I found the easiest way is to run the following as admin in the terminal:
sudo pmset -b sleep 0; sudo pmset -b disablesleep 1

The following simply sets sleep time to 0, and disables sleep.  Since I use terminal quite a bit (I’m a Unix engineer), I put the following into ~/.bash_profile:
alias sleepoff=’sudo pmset -b sleep 0; sudo pmset -b disablesleep 1′
alias sleepon=’sudo pmset -b sleep 5; sudo pmset -b disablesleep 0′

With that, it’s easy enough to just type “sleepoff” at the prompt instead of the whole line… and if you want to enable sleep capabilities then type “sleepon”.

Anyway, not a breakthrough in science but it does fix a gripe.  Hope it helps someone.