First Time Trying Keto Brick

keto_brick_copy_5_800xThere’s a nifty product that hit the market called “Keto Brick” that is made for people who want eat in a ketogenic way but don’t have time to prepare food.  It is stable at room temperature (and a bit above), and has contents that are both tasty and heavy fiber.  The company (private company for now) has been inundated with people wanting it, and they didn’t expect that!  Naturally, the ingredients don’t come easily when you make it one time en-mass to see what will happen.  For a while, the website for Keto Brick ( had “sold out” on the product, with the ability to sign up for a newsletter emailed when the product would be available.  I signed up for it, got an email randomly and quickly went to the website to order a week’s worth (7 bricks).  After I finished my order, I refreshed the website and saw they were sold out yet again.  That was lightning fast!  With the growing popularity, they released a newsletter already saying they were expanding production and working on a large-scale ingredient vendor, etc, and the next order would be soon once all of that arrives.


Here are the nutritional facts.  Keep in mind this percentage list is graded on the FDA nutrition guidelines, and not for ketogenics:
Today I ate my first Keto Block during the day at work for breakfast & lunch.  It’s simple to bring along, easy to unfold from it’s aluminum foil wrapper, and what I did for breakfast was eat half of the bar.  I didn’t cut it in half, since I didn’t want to fiddle with it.  The first thing I noticed was the flavor which is a complex mixture of chocolate & cocoa flavor, mixed with many subtle almost indistinguishable flavors.  It’s simple to bite into, and is very fiber-filled.  It will fill you up, quickly.  When I ate the half for breakfast, I was full completely until lunchtime without even a thought of food.  When lunch came around, I figured I’d go outside while at work and sit at a table to enjoy it… slowly.


Be sure you drink water with this, as it is dense and the fiber needs water to move properly though the digestive system.  I drank a liter after breakfast, and a liter after lunch.  No, it wasn’t too much… you could tell the stomach needed it.  Other than the density, for those who have any adverse effects to caffeine, be careful with this since it has cocoa in it twice (once in the protein), and coffee beans as well.  Eating this fast may cause bad things to happen if you are sensitive to it.  That being said, it gave me energy through the rest of the day, and I went to the gym for 20 minutes fast-walking on the treadmill (I’m disabled), and 20 minutes level 8 stationary cycling.  Not an Olympic activity and probably laughable to most but that it was after work and I had the energy to last through it and through the night without any fatigue feeling.  Note I’m not hyper just alert, and my heart rate (which I monitor continuously) was stable.  Not too shabby in my opinion.  Today my entire day’s food was the Keto Brick, however I wouldn’t recommend it long-term.  The macros are good, but the micros (vitamins/minerals) are lacking big-time.  With only 1000 calories to the bar, it allows a meal separate from breakfast/lunch to fill in the gap with calories & nutrition.

As of right now, they are entirely sold out due to the tremendous amount of sales during their last newsletter.  Once they are back and I receive a newsletter, I’m buying a month worth. (Two 2-week packs)
With two uber awesome superhero bracelets 🙂



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