Do we really need to put a big sign at the borders?

With the recent hoopla over illegal immigrants being ostracized for illegally immigrating, it’s like living in a different world where America is losing it’s backbone on upholding the laws that have been around since the beginning. Actually, the laws have gotten easier to abide by, which is even more perplexing as to why the current events are occuring. In America, people are entering the soils undocumented without passport/travel visa/etc and acting confused as to why they are being retained and returned to their positions of previous residence. It’s pretty much a universally accepted thing that when you enter a foreign country you carry a travel document of some form. If you plan to stay a period of time, a Visa will be necessary. If you plan to work in said country, you have a work visa. These are obtained through the embassies that are available in the country you are leaving, and will take time to get. If you do not have one of these said documents, the travel is illegal and you will be detained.

If you are an illegal immigrant in a country, do not complain about the improper treatment by the officials, and talking about your entering said country to better your life, etc etc. You did it wrong, man up and accept your failure. It’s not a matter of a mean country, or mean citizens, or a Nazi regime. If your mom & dad dragged you over to another country illegally & forced you to live illegally in that country until you were 21, that in no way is the nations problem. Your parents failed to comprehend the laws, or simply felt that they didn’t apply because they were going for some purpose.
I’m sorry you’ve had this problem in your life, and I’d rectify it real quick by getting a passport or visa in some way before your life goes a route that you don’t want it to go.

I figured I’d post this because it might help at least one individual who is in the position of not understanding their situation.

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