hdinternet… talk about cash cows.. geez

So I moved to a new location, and they do not have Cox communications internet. (evidentally in this country of freedom and commercialism, it’s legal to contract one company)
Before going too far with this, I have a mifi internet connection through my cell phone (as a wifi router), and it’s perfectly fine for everything except for streaming video through netflix and the such. A little faster connection is necessary for that, so hey, I figured I’d give HD internet a little checkout.
I swear, it felt like they thought they won the lottery or something. Numbers were being rung off left and right, and all I wanted was an internet connection. Of course I stayed calm and collected the entire time, so it wasn’t as if I caused a ruckus.
After the whole shabang, it boiled down to this:
40mb/s HD internet connection promotion for 6 months: 37.99/month (after 6 months: 80/month)
proprietary modem: 99.95 purchase
Activation: 19.99
Installation: 49.95
Deposit: 250.00
Some vague first months coverage fee: 130.00
That equals $587.88… for an internet connection.

Now, I could have done it. I could have paid that, and not thought twice about it. We’ll stop right there though. Out of principle, I’ll be damned if I’m shelling out nearly 600 bucks for something I’ve always paid 40 bucks install + 80 or so modem fee for.

I thought I’d throw this out there so that anyone who’s thinking of HD Internet can know what to look out for. I feel sorry for anyone who’s living meagerly and wants to try them out.

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