Times always seemt o have ebbs and flows…

As time passes by for the last year or so, life has taken it’s ebbs and flows to extremes. Life within the last 6 months or so has bent to the point of a vacuum. Family members, friends, and coworkers are remote enough to be considered acquaintances only. I’ve learned a lot about myself along the journey, and I’m finding the edges of what I used to consider endless persistence.  My conversations are with myself, and finding others’ conversational additions to be empty and almost in feigned interest.  My apartment is my place of solitude, as it tires me to deal with the frivolous bullshit that others seem to embody themselves with.  I find myself one step from the Montana plains again, but this time for shear isolation.

I don’t give up, I merely shift my focus.

I’m only typing this as a journal to vent, and maybe someone else who feels the same will run across it someday to know it’s not an odd thing.

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