glass walls

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed so many people that work on assumptions that turn into glass walls. For example, quite a few friends are updating their televisions at home, and asking for advice on what to get and such. Through it all, once it hits the size aspect I always hear something along the lines of the existing entertainment center will only fit 32 inches, or they have to find someone that will hang that new fangled flatscreen. (in an apartment… not a good thing) Also, technology hierarchies are noted by the age of the technology and not the technology itself. For example, since plasma came out before LCD, nearly all consider it to be inferior. LED is brand new, so automatically LCD is inferior to LED. While not entirely true, as plasma is still cruising right alongside LCD & LED. Case in point as I’ve saved hundreds of dollars choosing plasma for a largescreen purchase by checking specifications and making sure the contrast ratio and other factors were competitive. Also, the refresh rate on plasma is remarkably better most times.

Every single time I’ve always taught them to look at the facts and the specifications of each and to think about the whole picture and every avenue. If your entertainment center will not fit larger than a 32 inch, the next thought should be.. a 32 inch 4:3 aspect ratio would be equal to about a 27 inch 16:9 aspect ratio since it’s widescreen. Do they really want to be limited to a 27 inch because of their pretty entertainment center when that was only needed when appliances and televisions were large and bulky? Ikea has great examples of what can easily replace an entertainment center, which basically is shelving that is held around the television. While there are people that are not fans of Ikea, it’s only an example and I’m sure there are plenty of other places. What I am a fan of is the media tables that have a shaft with a mount attached so the television can be mounted and pivoted as necessary and keeping it suspended in it’s own space.

This is not only in the entertainment world either, as I’ve seen it a bit at work and with people shopping for vehicles, etc.
I guess this is where the words “think outside the box” came from, but when *I* do it the box is way to damned small! hah!

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