OmniShaver bi-directional shaver

As I’m usually experimenting with new razors, be it straight razors or double edge razors, I ran across one being invented specifically for head or limb shaving that is made for quick and simple shaving.  I’ve been searching for one to shave my head quicker, since I usually have a shaved head but it takes 15-30 minutes to do it without issues.  It may not seem like a long time, but that’s more time than I care to spend on aiming a blade toward my skull.  The shaver in question was on IndieGogo called “OmniShaver”, and is being freshly delivered now to those who pre-ordered.  When I purchased it, there was a pre-order discount for the premium model (metal head) of $20 which I didn’t see as much of an amount.  I’ve been waiting for about a month or two until now, and I just received my order today!

Here you will see a snapshot of the case provided along with the OmniShaver (which seems to fit perfectly), and the other picture is a shot of the OmniShaver that was freshly washed.  (Ignore the water drops)

I used it for the first time tonight, and I’m impressed with how quick it shavers, and not needing to worry about tearing your skin up with the blades either.  I only have one cut, and that was from my accidentally stopping the blade and sliding it sideways without thinking about the logic behind why NOT to do that.  It was only a little mark, and was easy to stop.  The premium model, which I purchased, has a metal head which gives it weight during the shave.  The head pivots on two axis, and it floats very nicely on the skin.  The blades I did not notice an aggressive dig to, and I think that’s a good characteristic for blades that are touching sensitive areas like limbs or skull.  I noticed I was able to pass the blade over the same area multiple times and due to the blade not being overly aggressive it did not make the skin red or tear it up at all.  From my use tonight, I’m seeing the blade being great for daily (or 2-day) shaving, but will require multiple passes to handle longer hair.

I’ll be using this buddy on a daily (or bi-daily) basis from now since it isn’t easy to damage yourself and it does a great job quickly by passing your hand back and forth.

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