Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – second week – Thursday thru Saturday

Being the end of the second week of ketogenic eating, I figured I’d close the week out with a post.

Nothing much different happened, just the same good stuff.  My body is remaining stable with glucose, as well.  I’ve decided to change the numbers of meals per day to reflect a lessened time per blood insulin increase which happens no matter what you eat.  I was eating 4 meals per day, but I’m lessening to 3 for now.

One change I did include into this week was a fasting period.  It gives the body time to burn off glucose & glycogen stored.  It also helps with lots of other things non-related to weight loss like HGH increase, lowering any insulin resistance, and helping the body in general clear itself out instead of constantly needing to deal with energy conversion.

I’ve done ketone testing today as well (just as last saturday), and I was at 2.6 mmol/l.  It seems all the numbers are right where they need to be, thankfully.  Weight-wise, this week I lost 6 lbs.  I’ve also decided to include 30-minute cardio bicycle activity into the mix for heart-health since I will be more bicycle-friendly with the cooler weather coming in a month or two and a new bicycle finally arriving soon.  One thing I have noticed since ketogenic eating is that the oxygen absorption of the muscles & body during cardio activity seems to be a lot more prominent.  I’ve been able to last longer without the issues I’ve had in the past. (when I was a cyclist, and weighed less as well).

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