Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – second week – Monday thru Wednesday

With this week, I can feel my body becoming more adapted to energy usage.  The amount of energy pulled from food I can feel being stored and used without feeling tired and groggy.  It’s a slow progression, but very noticeable after 8:00pm at night.  Normally, my body progresses into a state of tiredness and not being able to think much past 8:00pm.  Now, I can feel myself far more cognitively alive.  Not a good thing when your wanting to sleep, but I’ll definitely jump at it since it’s a start of something happening.

My weight within the last week has dropped by quite a bit.  Water weight was lost last week within the beginning, going from 236 lbs to 230 lbs.  Within the last 5 days (since this past saturday July 28th) weight has dropped from 226 lbs to 222 lbs.  I am finding now that my body works better when I recalibrate the macro nutrient amounts every week.  The page helps extensively with finding the amount of macro nutrients needed for a particular calorie amount.
Since I am using Keto Chow, the daily macro nutrients are mostly taken care of by simple math.  On the back of each Keto Chow bag, the nutrient listing is visible per scoop with the gram weight of each scoop available.

What I do is take both the weight along with the calorie listing separately, and multiply by 3 for the weight of the Keto Chow powder for the entire day. (i.e. take the calories per scoop and multiply by 3, and take weight in grams of scoop and multiply by 3)
I then take the daily calorie amount to be consumed, and subtract the amount of daily calories for the powder.  This gives you the amount of calories for oil throughout the day.
Take the daily oil calories, divide by 8, then multiply that by 0.93 for the amount of oil needed daily in grams.  This is for avocado oil.  Divide that gram amount by 3, and that is the amount of oil used for each of the 3 meals.
Simple math:  (calories for day – calories of powder) / 8 ) x 0.93 = grams of oil used daily

With 3 meals daily, each meal would be 1 scoop serving mixed with the amount of daily oil divided by 3.  Add oil, scoop of powder, then water.  Mix this up good and well, then chill for at least 30 mins to an hour.  (I do overnight)  That’s it.  It’s actually quite amazing how satiating it is when that much fat is able to line the stomach.  Be sure to drink lots of water through the day, as keto consumes lots through digestion.


My daily week of 1,200 calories for Mocha will be:
144 grams daily of Keto Chow powder / 3 meals = 48 grams per meal
( ( 1200 kcal daily – 402 kcal of powder ) / 8 ) x 0.93 ) = 93 grams avocado oil / 3 meals = 31 grams oil per meal


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