Ketogenic diet – take 2, boots to the ground – first week – Monday thru Wednesday

With everything going on in life, I haven’t had a chance to post my first update since I’ve started take 2 of my ketogenic diet.  I’ve been anxious to come back and post about my experiences.
With my preparation of eating meal-replacements for a while (Soylent, a non-keto food) to prepare myself to eating keto-style meal-replacement, it really took no work to start eating ketogenic.  Before going too far, I’ll just say that since I’m busy and I’m also aiming to correct my weight by a large amount, I’m using a meal-replacement powder mixed with avocado oil and water.  It’s called Keto Chow, a brand name sold by Chris Bair at and I’ll be honest it’s been ironed out to work nicely.

The first (official) ketogenic week has worked out nicely, and I’ve taken the time through research to find out my body feels far more satiated and not hungry when eating a keto diet.  I went as far as going into an intermittent fasting (not eating) from noon yesterday until noon today… without really being hungry.  Today I did start feeling my belly grumbling around 11:30am, so that was my first serving for the day.  (x1 325 kcal keto chow drink)  Since quite a bit of it is fat, it kept me full until 3:30pm-4:00pm when I had another just to stay on time.  I then went to the gym and 5:30pm and then had my 3rd keto chow drink.  I then went home and relaxed until just now (7:15pm) when I’m having my last keto chow drink while posting this.

I’m mixing intermittent fasting in with my ketogenic diet due to the research I’ve read showing how the two work together nicely for burning fats.  My primary plan is to concentrate my meals between noon & 8:00pm, leaving 8:00pm through 12:00 noon of the following day as an intermittent fasting period.  This allows the body to not only deal without food, but also to clean toxins out while food is not being processed.  It’ll take a few weeks to fully be in ketosis (when the body switches from burning carbs as fuel to burning fats due to depletion), so on we go to the rest of the week!

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