Ketogenic diet – take 2

After doing the ketogenic diet about 6 months ago, I figured I’d leave a bit of time for myself to reclaim my pride since I bailed. I decided now to go back to trying it again, only acclaimate myself to meal replacement drinks before jumping into Keto chow.
About 1 week ago I started the Keto chow brand ketogenic diet drink, which makes it much easier to eat in a ketogenic fashion without needing to worry about what contains carbohydrates and whatnot. So far I have to say, the product has come a long way and is more filling along with easier to whip up. I like having 4 small meals a day (like the zone diet), so I take the full days size of powder and divide by 4 then use that per drink.
It’s very simple, I use avacado oil as my fat source for the drink (which is almost taste free and very friendly to your digestive system), instead of heavy cream as they recommend since I’m lactose intolerant. If you figure there are 8 calories per gram of avacado oil, it’s easy enough to divide the amount of calories desired by 8 and get the number of grams to use. The idea is that the powder contains all nutrition and protein, while the added oil (or heavy cream) contains the fat the body needs. The concept of ketogenic is to withhold carbs as the body goes through ketosis, which then causes the body to use the stored fat as it’s primary energy source. It requires a bit of change in diet and control as well, but ultimately it can help blood pressure along with sugar levels in the blood.

In comes the cavalry, an easy to use meal replacement drink that can assist in moving towards ketosis.  I aim for 1,600 calories a day, with 41g avacado oil & 33-41g Keto chow powder per drink, depending on which flavor since each weigh different.  After that, this with that along with water and shake it up:

and this is one of four of the mixer bottles I use to mix them up & sit in the fridge for an hour or two.  After that, I pour each into their own hydro flask insulated container (20 oz), and put in the fridge until morning.

its a world of its own, and takes a bit of endurance since the first couple days require burning off the bodies glycogen to reach ketosis.  Once that happens, it’s all about drinking water & electrolytes along with the meal drinks and that’s it.

lets see how things go.  So far I’ve dropped water weight of 5-6 lbs, but that comes and goes through life.

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