Neurological issues

Today was a big deal for me personally and I wanted to share it with anyone else who may go through the same thing.
I woke up in the morning with no issues but for some reason when dealing with an issue with my cat that should have been a very small issue, my mind decided to send a signal through itself that began a chaos signal. That’s the only way I can put it. I could feel a feeling of suffocation rising up through my neck and throat, it honestly felt like death was coming. At that time, I didn’t care, and let it keep coming because there is nothing I could do. (I worry about other people, not myself).
It was a brain blip… one of the most chaotic things you could imagine. I literally found myself with NO other memories after. Like NONE.
I found myself trying to figure myself out at that time. There was lots more but that’s the most I’ll go into. It was 2-3 hours later that my memory returned slowly. It was the worst time of my life.
Now I’ll just say…. it’s nothing more than losing who you are. I’ve thought about it and when you lose who you are and what you know, it takes the very foundation of life away. As I sit here typing this I think about how I can remember things from 10-20..30 years ago… and then I think about how it felt losing the memory. It felt worse than death.

If you go through this, honestly I really do wish I could hug you so tight. It’s hell, and I never want anyone else to feel it.

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