Learning about people

I’ve learned quite a bit about people over the last few years and more so over the last year.
I’m noticing that people only devote as much time to you as they feel will gain them some form of income… be it your time helping them, or some other positive in their direction. Once it goes outside of that arena, I notice people will back away and disconnect from you no matter the amount of time. That’s slightly disconcerting when you’ve devoted a space of time to a person and those rules are applied.

21 years ago I began talking to a woman. We were close, but at the time things weren’t going to work out and we knew it. Somehow, we started talking again about 4-5 years ago. It was great but bad things happened and money became scarce. Of course I helped but there’s only so much a guy can help when he is 4-5 states away. Time drifted us apart for 2-3 years except texting randomly. Voice didn’t happen, and when it’s only text at that point it’s not real to me.. and I’ve said that.

So now I sit, caring about someone who is migrating by foot to California. I’m not Into asking why or whatever. When you have to beg to physically speak with someone, it tells me there’s a huge disconnect, and I’m not going to try.
I guess this is a documentary.

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