Missing my parents

I know I’m an adult of many years.  I have many things in my life that require my responsibility, and many people require it as well.
Lately, I’ve been a child inside.

I miss my parents, and their love.  I miss the look of my father as I told him about my life.  I miss my mother talking about how she felt about current news.  I miss the only stable thing in my life.  I’ve been trying to stay quiet but it’s honestly very hard: I miss my parents more than anything in this world and I never knew I’d say that in my lifetime.

This is a tribute to you dad, you bastard.  You taught me how to keep my nose to the grindstone, and you taught me it’s okay to laugh and enjoy life as you do that.
Mom, you taught me how to love people that don’t deserve it, along with tolerating without end.

Anyway, I’m sorry this isn’t normal for me but it’s needed.  I miss you Mom & Dad.  I love you.

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