New bike to the group: 2000 Yamaha YZF-R6

After a couple of years to stabilize myself, I’ve found I’m not leaving the sport bike world. Even with my stratoliner cruiser, I’m still missing the nimble street fighter approach instead of the lumbering metal hulk approach of the cruiser. They each have their niche.  I don’t like the sharp angry looks of the newer Yamaha series of sport bikes, however.  I’ve had two R6 in my life, mostly generation 2 and they’ve been very good to me.  I decided I’d take this time to buy a used one that was in great shape for its age.  A 2000 Yamaha YZF-R6, with Vance & Hines exhaust and LED lighting.

IMG_1342This bike originated from Alaska, from a guy who moved to Phoenix and sold off some stuff.  The guy I bought it from was a young bright kid who bought it and put new cables on it, riding for half a year and got bored.  That’s where I came in!

Right now I’m taking time to put TLC in, and do things that need to be done with older bikes.  The front suspension was a little leaky so I had that resealed and front brake pads replaced due to leakage.  A brand new battery was thrown in as well to replace the one that was dieing after 1-2 days.

Since I have a prosthesis, it can be a little damaging to the paint during spirited riding since it’s carbon fiber.  I picked up a Stompgrip brand traction pad and threw it onto the gas tank tonight to protect the tank when holding on with my knees/legs.  I don’t have pictures since it’s a fresh installation, sorry.

I’m still trying to get used to keeping the RPM above 6000 since it’s been quite some time since I’ve rode in that range haha!  With this engine, that’s where the life comes in.

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