Concept of Protein Powders By Providers

Since I’ve been with The Camp Transformation Center, I’ve viewed the prices of many protein powders in the industry.  I’ve used protein powders since 2005-2006, so it’s not new to me. What is new to me is the concept people have about price vs product.  During my time at The Camp, my protein necessity is zero fat/zero carbohydrate/zero sugar.  In the protein industry, that’s quite a limitation!  I used one within that boundary for over a year or two now, named Isopure unflavored whey protein isolate which has 0g fat/0g carb/25g protein.  The price for me?  ~$39-$40/3 lb container, which I’ve always considered a very good price for a quality product.  I started The Camp, and the brand sold there (MyoFX IsoFX) was $50/2 lb container, and also had 1g fat/1g carb/24g protein.  I’m okay with it being sold, but everyone seems to act like the one I’ve been using is this outrageously priced one that is silly to buy.  (Including the GNC salesman…)
It’s hard to have a conversation when you basically say you paid less but then your told it’s expensive.  I finally bought a container of the MyoFX IsoFX to try and while it tastes good I’ll relinquish it to protein snack mix.

I finally just bit the bullet, and ordered a 7.5 lb container of Isopure low carb dutch chocolate whey protein.  If I’m going to be told something is expensive, I’m going to do it in style.  It was $95 and has 0.5g fat/1.5g carb/zero sugar for $12.66/lb.  I’d say that’s better than $25/lb for MyoFX IsoFX, or most of the others in the fat/carb/sugar spectrum.

The reason I went with dutch chocolate is because the unflavored was starting to become a nuisance since all I tasted was the stevia I added with it for sweetening.  You can’t go wrong with the unflavored version otherwise, however.  zero carb/fat/sugar, 25g protein, for ~$13/lb.

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