Fitbit Blaze & medical equipment

With the whole change of life, I thought it’d be best to invest a bit in monitoring of my body along the way.  The first item I got was a Fitbit Blaze smartwatch.  It monitors heartbeat, steps, calories burned (approximately, obviously), and gives you reason to input the rest to a log like weight, food eaten.  It auto senses activities performed and logs them as well, but the nice thing about it for me is the ability to go to “exercise”, and select “bootcamp” then monitor everything that happens while I’m in my workout.  I wasn’t sure about my heartrate being monitored accurately, so I figured whats the next step?  A blood pressure monitoring machine!  I know, it sounds over the top and something you’d only get if you were old.  With my genetic predisposition, I know I’m susceptible to a bad cardiovascular issue.  I figure I’ll monitor my blood pressure once a week and make sure I’m in good shape… and it also shows beats per minute.  To top it all off because of my history of lung issues in the past, I also picked up an oxygen sensor to use at the same time as the blood pressure monitor.  The oxygen sensor also shows heartbeat.
The double-check between all three shows that the Fitbit is within 1-2 count of spot-on which is pretty damn good in my eyes for something strapped to your arm and monitoring 24/7.

The oxygen sensor was a good investment, I found out after receiving it.  First time using it I saw my blood oxygen levels were fluctuating between 89% and 96% depending on my breathing patterns.  It’s nice to have a little nudge to look at something when at the doctors again since that’s not usually something that’s monitored regularly until something breaks.

I didn’t realize until now that I had repaired my heart issues from 15+ years ago with the cycling/cardio I did before my accident.  I haven’t been working out enough to make a dent in that respect this time around, but I know 15+ years ago my resting heart rate was about 80 bpm, where now it’s 55 bpm, with no heart arrhythmia like back then.

Knowledge is power, and being able to monitor/graph changes as they happen now will help as I make this journey.

The blood pressure monitor I purchased was this one: Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With Intelligent Hypertension Detection ( )

The oxygen sensor I purchased was this one: Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index ( )

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