Quinoa Bread

A colleague of mine was tired of doing without bread while on the nutrition plan at The Camp Transformation Center, so imagination invents the impossible!


Quinoa bread!  I haven’t tried it but I figured I’d share because several others have and said it tastes great.

This is straight from her:

It is SUPER easy. Soak 1 cup of quinoa in 1 cup of water and half the juice of a lemon. Cover and let it sit over night(it cold cooks). Blend the living shit out of it and heat up your oven to 425. Put on parchment paper and spread it around. Season as you like. Cook for 15, flip, then cook for another 8. There is a video on youtube but it gives no instructions. If you search two ingredient quinoa bread, it will come up.

When it cold cooks, it doubles and becomes 16 ounces. So when you take it out, cut it into 8 slices, or 16 for two slices a serving. They will be smaller than pictured.

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