The Camp Transformation Center

I’m overweight, and I know it.  Compared to how I was in 2007, I’m a mess and I admit it.  This isn’t an overnight thing, it’s been very slowly progressing over the last 4-5 years as I’ve gotten comfortable with doing the same routine daily.  This is changing, and it’s not a new years thing.  I originally was planning of getting back into bicycling after my leg became acclimated to the prosthetic life, but weight became an issue.  My goal now is to get back into the weight zone so I can bicycle again.  (without stressing the frame)

A friend of mine started going to a program called “The Camp Transformation Center”.  It’s a relatively new personal group workout & nutrition assistance program based in California (with offices in CA, AZ, and other places), and it’s pretty intense.  Being such a new business and with all of the competition of $10 gym memberships, of course there’s going to be a marketing gimmick.  (What business doesn’t?)  In a nutshell here’s what it is:
A guided group 1 hour daily H.I.I.T. (High intensity interval training) workout that uses light weights in high interval along with bodyweight combined with different exercises to impact the entire body muscle structure.  It’s intense, with no rest and a circuit of exercise stages that are performed with a partnership of 2-4 people in the group.  It helps not going at it alone, and the instructors push to make you pull the best out of yourself and not quit.  The exercises include everything from fire hydrant, squats, crunches, pushups, weight snaps, different styles of including light weights into other routines, body weight pulls/pushes, etc.  It’s not about the workout and muscle building however, it’s about losing weight and becoming fit.  To begin there is a 2 week trial to see how you’ll like it.  There’s also a fully immersive 6-week challenge.  This I have to go into detail on because lots of people seem to make it sound like a scam, when it’s pretty straight up for the most part.  There’s a deposit of money you place down in the beginning ($497).  There’s a set final weight that is your target (about 10-20 lbs higher than your ideal weight set by doctors generally), and the challenge itself has a target of 20 lbs lost within 6-weeks.  This is the time where most people I’ve noticed seem to overthink things to the point of cynicism.  If you reach through the first 6-week challenge and lose 20 lbs, you are rolled over to the next challenge.  Wash-rinse-repeat until the final weight target is reached.  If you do not meet 20 lbs on any of the challenges, a portion up to that times deposit will be withheld, and the rest returned.  The rule is you attend 5 days out of the week, follow the nutrition diet within the nutrition book given upon joining (the “bible”), and check-in on facebook everytime you attend. (while tagging the director)  It’s very much FTDI. (follow the damned instructions)
It’s not as simple as walking in, doing some workouts, and leaving.  It’s very intense and changes your lifestyle for that 6+ weeks, from diet to how your muscles feel.  I’ve started in the beginning of last  week (Jan 9th was my first day), which was 7 days ago.  I won’t lie, it still has me pushing the limit of my body’s capabilities.  Within that time, I’ve dropped 11 lbs.  It wasn’t water weight, I was on a 2-week trial before that to get my muscles worked in, the difference was that I followed the nutritional diet along with followed the supplement recommendations.  Since it’s only for a short period of time, supplements are recommended to use such as sponsored ones like LipoFX AM and PM, EFA, and isofx protein.  Personally I chose my own by seeing the nutritional makeup of each and choosing as appropriate.  For protein I chose ISO-100 which is zero fat/zero sugar/25g protein, KryptoLean for the morning which is a thermogenic supplement.  Also a multi-vitamin to make sure your essentials are provided.

I’ve typed a lot, but I’ve started this program and I have a long ways to reach my goal.  It’s hard to get a workout like this without spending 100+ a month, which is about what the membership is if you want to continue after the challenge:  ~$120/month.

It’ll be interesting to see how things progress over the next 5 weeks.  Whatever happens, I have the information needed to continue after, as well.  Let’s see how things go!

EDIT February 9th 2017:
Being on my fifth week out of a six-week challenge, I can now honestly say it’s worth every ounce of energy.  The first few weeks were a little turbulent, but once my body (slowly) became accustomed then things change.  It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t a catastrophic change, but it was noticeable once you stop and observe.  Following the plan and workout, I lost 20 pounds so far within 4 weeks, and it’s a good start.  I’m starting the suicide sprints now too, and it’s helping me get my cardio back in check.  It’s a nice feeling, and in another week I get a week of downtime between challenges.  2 more after this one, then I became a member to come on my own accord…. which will probably be the same haha.

EDIT June 11th 2017:
I’ve been past the challenge for a month or so now, and it was a wonderful thing.  I’m a member now, and it’s a great place to workout!  I’ve ran into personal issues with my right hip and muscular structure (accident reconstruction) so I’m working around that but I use it still.  I’ve been away for 2 weeks to let my hip rest, but I’m going back this week.  It’s less expensive than most Crossfit places I’ve seen, and it’s more intense in my opinion.  The trainers do push hard still, but that’s what they’re there for!  If you can’t, it’s your call to hold off something until the next or whatever your feeling.

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