HR1 Handlebar Riser on 2012 Yamaha Stratoliner S

The handlebars that come stock on the Yamaha Stratoliner/roadliner can wreck your back  on long rides.  Leaning forward slightly to reach the bars really did a number on mine, and I’ve had my bike for about 1 1/2 years now.  I also am not up for replacing the cables and the electrical cord mods simply to pull the bars back a bit.  After searching around, there’s not much of a selection unless going with ape hangers.  That’s not something I want to do right now with my bike, so I went with a less expensive alternative:  HR1 risers by Refined Cycles.  Yes, Baron also sells risers, but they are nearly double the price.  They look a bit different than the Baron model, but to me it doesn’t matter.


I did not do the installation myself, since I was at work most of the time.  I took my bike to a shop near me, so I thought I’d share my experience.  I won’t drag names through the mud, however I will say that the shop I took it to tried to take an easy out.
They told me that the cables weren’t long enough, and I had to get extension cables which would be about $1,100 after installation.  I pushed back, telling them if they released the slack in the cable with the supports and such everything would be fine.
Another day,  and the same. The electrical was too short and nothing could be done.  I went there the following day with the instructions straight from the manufacturer on how to perform the installation… on my specific motorcycle.
The next day, nope… not going to fit, requires extensions.  I was resigned and just went there to pay for the time they put in and pick my bike up so I could waste my weekend working on my bike in my carport next to my neighbor’s 5 barking dogs… but alas, I got there to pick up my bike and everyone acted like I was acting silly, and telling me my bike is done and will be pulled around.

Yes, it was done but be careful of the shop you go to.  Nothing wild or crazy was done, just following the instructions.
It rides great, with my weight more on my butt and leaned back a bit.  Steering is different, more upright with more body leaning.  I love it.  I was able to take a ride 50 miles north for a burger in Black Canyon City and ride home, all completely fresh without any back pain.


This is how it looks from the front through my windshield.


This is what it looks like directly from the top.

This will fit the 2012 Yamaha Stratoliner/Roadliner, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Next comes exhaust, then suspension.

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