2 New Ragdoll cats

I took my trip to Ragnarok Cattery just outside of Riverside, CA, and had a good time talking with Dave Chambers (the owner) while I was there.  Since he’s retiring soon I  figured I’d take the chance to hear some of the history and stuff he’s gone through.

Version 2

I originally went for a single Ragdoll breed cat, but once I was there I decided I’d get two.  They’re great cats, just being the first day and being stuck in a kennel cage for the 5-6 hour trip made them a little grumpy and antisocial for the night.


They’re so docile, it’s amazing.  I do need to really take some time on their fur though, since it sheds everywhere.  The only downside I’m having is not with them but with Ashes, my black kitten.  She’s not liking them in the house and has turned severely aggressive towards me and them.  I know it’s a territory thing, but the problem is that Ragdoll cats aren’t aggressive at all, which makes them open to abuse.  I’m hoping she’ll calm down over the next few days because I’d hate to have to adopt her out 😦  She’s a wonderful cat, just has issues.


UPDATE September 26, 2016:
After a little over a week, the attitude with Ashes has calmed down and she’s become very close with the grey ragdoll, Aria.  Both constantly play and lay together.  This has changed Ashes’ personality immensely, as now she’s more like a normal kitten.
Unfortunately though, the white ragdoll, Crystale, is still a very shy cat and has trouble not having her body enclosed in a tight area for protection.  2 times I’ve pulled her out of hiding places inside of my couch and inside of the box spring of my bed.  Once she’s in my arms, she clings tight and nuzzles while purring but right now she can’t stand a room with any noises or motion whatsoever.  I’m going to get another cat bed, litter box,  and food dish for the extra bedroom and put a light talk radio in there to acclimate her to hearing noises without being attacked/harmed.  I have a feeling she’ll take some time to get her ducks in a row, but once she does I think she’ll be a very loving cat.

UPDATE December 14, 2016:
Crystale has been conditioned properly, and became part of the crowd.  Unfortunately though, I don’t have enough hours at home to socially interact with the two ragdoll cats.  I’m usually at home a maximum of 2-3 hours an evening due to work and driving home along with sleep.  I’ve found families for both Aria & Crystale this week, and they are being taken care of.  I am down to Ashes, alone.  He’s more independent and able to handle himself while I’m not around.  Though when I am home, he does love to lay on my chest and watch TV or my laptop along with me.  He’s a daddy’s boy, he always has been.








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