Raising my black kitten, Ashes.

My first cat I posted about a little while ago I named Ashes.  She’s a darling at times, and a terror at other times.  I believe it’s because she was abandoned at less than a month old.  After about a week of having her at my house, she began an offensive attack that most would translate as a severe defensive.  The difference is, she didn’t back off and if you did then the attack became more intense.  Slashing of claws, biting hard and shaking head as biting.  Add in feral cat sounds, and that paints the picture.


Anyone who knows me in person would know I’m the kind of masochistic person that’d put my hand into burning fire to pull something out.  With a little testing of her in certain scenarios, I found out she seems like she’s never been taught how to play properly.  At first I stayed still and didn’t move my arm/hand as she was attacking.  You could tell that severely ticked her off after a couple of seconds because her muscles would tense up and she’d grip harder with her claws and strike with her mouth wide open in different locations, eyes scarily wide open.  That wouldn’t stop for minutes, and I’d have to pull her off and overpower her.  Since that time, I’ve taken a step by step approach with her.  I don’t allow her to bite me, and when she does I divert her by putting my thumb under her chin and rubbing the back of her head with my fingers on the same hand.  Her eyes do get wide and she goes into attack mode at that point, but I’ve learned that singing lightly to her and rocking her back and forth calms her down to a light playfulness.  The biting will go away with age, since she’s only a small young kitten.  It’s helped with her trust quite a bit I’ve noticed, as well.  Before, she would be avoiding.  Now, she runs to me and knows my actions.  Above all, she knows I won’t hurt her intentionally, and that’s the biggest part.  She still bites, and I can tell it’s her attempting to be playful because if I get my face close she pulls her paws back.  I usually place my forehead against hers and she stops for a moment.

Over the last day or two, she’s become more open and wants to spend time not by herself.  I’ve been taking her to Petsmart for her vaccination, nail trimming, and to get a toy or two.  Everytime, I’ve been making sure to take her along so she gets used to the outside world and noises.  It’s been rough, but she’s starting to get used to it.  Though, attempting to walk across a parking lot while a loud car drifts slowly like they’re letting you go but not stopping and revving their engine a bit.. as a kitten is physically attaching herself more and more to your body with every rev, really isn’t easy.  (My shoulder looks like I’ve been whipped)

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