2 weeks of keto chow, starting to make own

After 2 weeks of using Keto Chow, I’ve been extremely happy with it.  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t stay 100% on Keto Chow since the weekends were my play time.  This weekend (and the last week) have been me locking myself down to a goal.  I was in partial ketosis during the first week, and lost the water weight (glycogens), but my body never fully went into ketosis due to going out on the weekends and eating carbohydrates.  It seems if you go out to bars, the foods they sell are almost always highly carb loaded.  Since Monday of this week, I’ve committed myself to fine tuning my ketosis by finding alternatives when going out, and steering clear from alcohol.  Beer is basically liquid bread, and while it’s tasty stuff it has a boatload of carbohydrates and sugars which fly in the face of keto.  For the next 3-4 weeks, i’m aiming for less than 20 grams of carbohydrates and no sugar.  It will take about that amount of time for my body to properly cycle itself into a ketogenic state.

Because of my future desire to lose weight once I’m properly keto ready, I’ve taken the available recipe of Keto Chow and researched different styles of protein available on the market in order to lower the carbohydrate count below 20 grams.  I actually ran across an awesome zero carb protein powder called Isopure that is unflavored.  It’s also not terribly expensive compared to normal protein, but it is slightly more expensive.  (3 lbs for ~$40)  Since there’s little to no use to include dairy products, I also changed the fats to olive oil & coconut oil along with using Engalvaer cod liver oil which has all the omega-3 in a 5 gram dose.  It also doesn’t taste bad at all, no aftertaste.  I’ve manipulated it quite extensively based upon my nutritional needs, and am slowly making it into my own mixture it seems.  I’ve jokingly made my recipe (private, on my computer) named “KetoX” since it’s gearing almost entirely on a smooth ketogenic long-term weight-loss regimen.

I am finding the desire to eat solid objects quite intense at times, and it’s funny to me how the human brain has these triggers.  I now have bacon, chopped up rotisserie chicken, and other little non-carbohydrate/sugar items that I can sedate that feeling with when it does happen.  It usually happens in the evenings, even if it’s not hunger I believe it’s more the brain linking dinner/food with relaxation time over the years.

I am excited about this change, and to see how it will affect me physically along with mentally.  I know my body is carbohydrate-sensitive, so this is definitely necessary for me.

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