Desert Essence Face Wash

I decided to try a new face wash to replace the St Ives facial scrub I’ve used for years.  I wanted something not so gritty, yet does the same cleansing of the skin.  I found a brand named Desert Essence, which is a combination of castille soap, tea tree oil, and various other ingredients.  I picked up a 32 ounce container due to discount pricing, and found it to be unmanageable in that container.  I went to the store and picked up a foaming soap dispenser, like the Dial brand foaming soap you buy at the store.  I bought one Dial brand foaming soap and emptied it to use (it was on sale for $0.99) and later I picked one up at the Container Store that looked quite nice to use in the master bathroom, for like $7.00.
It works wonderfully at cleansing my face, surprisingly quick at breaking down oils/grease without really scrubbing.  It’s also good at not demoisturizing my skin like alcohol would.  It’s a must to keep your eyes closed, since if it gets in there it’ll hurt a bit.


Since it worked well on my face, I decided to try it as a shower body soap.  I was amazed how well it works!  I normally use the body soap which requires scrubbing and isn’t doesn’t work terribly well, but with this in foam form I was able to lather up and clean nicely.  It also didn’t require using much since the foaming soap dispenser increases the volume  by quite a bit as it comes out.  The nice thing about it all is the pH isn’t off balance, so it doesn’t leave the skin dry and brittle.  I still use Moisturel lotion on my face, and in some cases olive oil however.

As as side note, since I normally use special shampoo for psoriasis on the scalp but I keep my scalp shaved, I use this to quickly clean my face and head in a minute before I shave and it takes care of the psoriasis style scalp oils which can impede proper shaving.  I’m glad I found this, it’s a great addition to the mix.

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