Getting back into bicycling

Since my motorcycle accident in 2007, I’ve been unable to really get back into bicycling due to healing of muscles.  I’ve been moving a lot more progressively over the last 3-4 years, and found myself missing the freedom and fun that comes from bicycling.  I used to ride to/from work between 2005-2006 (20 miles each way) and it made me feel alive inside.  It’s hard to meet that cardio workout and enjoy it, like I did with bicycling.

Since I have knowledge of components and such, I felt safe buying a used Trek that has been very well maintained.  It’s a 2005 Trek 1000 SL, and I’m extremely happy with how clean and issue-free it is.  The only thing missing is a portable Presta air pump which I’ll pick up soon.


After taking the time cleaning the socket, chain, and aligning the seat, I took her out for a first ride.  I quickly found out how much I have to work on, and my need for locking pedals.  My body has degraded quite a bit since I rode last in 2007, so I have lots of cardio to work on.  Yesterday the best I could do was 2.16 miles in 10.35 minutes.  I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but if I don’t then who will?

My short term goal is to get locking pedals/shoes and slowly work my heart back to where I was before.  My long term goal?  To be able to strap on a heart monitor and ride anywhere… like I did before.  There’s more than health at stake here, it’s ego and self esteem.

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