Thanksgiving 2015

Time comes to a close soon for the 2015 thanksgiving holidays. As I get older, I’m realizing I actually have something to be thankful for in retrospect and current life.

I’m thankful for living the American Dream. That’s not a luxury life, it’s having the availability to fight for what you want in life and have it mean something. Sure, it requires blood sweat and tears, but the ability to get something through your blood sweat and tears is the American Dream.
I’m thankful for the internet. Without it, I would have an entirely different and possibly caustic lifestyle. My entire life was molded around support and creation of internet appliances and technologies. It’s also allowed me to create my life as it is today, and meet the people I have in the past which have guided me. Above all currently, it’s something that has given me employment even through what most people would consider a severely life-altering issue. I was able to stay employed in my career as Linux engineer even while continuing to heal from a motorcycle accident which removed the bottom half of my right leg.

As much as I may complain about things in life, I’m thankful to be here still. It’s a fight, but dammit sometimes life’s taste is beautiful. It’s those times that really make things worth it.

Happy holidays 2015.  Another revolution around the sun, and another year to remember.

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