New Car! 2015 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid

Having driven the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro LT for a couple of months and seeing how things go, I decided to cut ties while possible.  The track record for Chevrolet was never good when it comes to maintenance and lifespan, and I was starting to feel a bit of hesitation from the torque converter.  The engine was starting to show a bit of hesitation while warming up as well.  Adding that on top of not really being the kind of person that “needs” lots of power, I upgraded.

I traded my car for a 2015 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid.  I’m rather happy with my purchase, even though it ended up being $10K more than the Camaro.  The car looks very average, but both rides & drives like a luxury car.  It has lots of space in both the front and back seats, along with a fairly large trunk.  The real clincher for me was the fact that it has a CVT transmission which I used to use in my Prius.  That takes lots of load off of gear changes, and the engine does not get hit with as much direct torque backlash from the drivetrain due to the shared status of the gasoline & electric engines.

The cabin sound is surprisingly quiet, like calmingly quiet.  When I drive and turn off my stereo with my windows closed, I feel like I’m in an office.  The power is there for use, as well.  The thing I like about it is the way it reserves itself for when needed.  It adds a bit of refinement, and I feel from driving it for a couple of weeks that things will last a while with this car.

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