Inexpensive Sous Vide Solution

After thinking a bit about some people who aren’t into paying $200+ for a sous vide solution from a business, I decided I’d slap a quick solution together at the bottom of this article for those that are looking to put something together that would definitely work.  These are items I currently use for tempeh creation, which uses the same environment almost exactly as sous vide. (except the tempeh is held in a pan floating in the water)

I also do sous vide with the food container listed, when I’m cooking small to medium sized foods.  When I cook a full chicken, I have a larger (more expensive) cambro container that I purchased through Amazon.

The heater is the same wattage as the more expensive Anova sous vide cooker, and the heater is replaceable if anything happens to it.

Now, granted the Anova brand has a bluetooth interface where temperature and timer can be set, and if you’re willing to spend the extra money go for it!  I have it, and it works wonderfully quiet.  If it’s not in your price range, improvising is never a bad thing.  I’ve been there.  

If you’re looking to save money and not purchase a food cooking box, you can use anything that is at least 17.5 inches long, as that is how long the heater is.

The temperature controller listed has many settings on it.  A base temperature target, how far below the base to allow before the heater turns on, and temperature calibration.  This also has 2 circuits, one for heating and one for cooling, but that’s for other uses outside of sous vide.

That’s my recommendation.  There are obviously a million other things that could be used to replace these items, but these items I own and have used.  I know they work well, and I’ve been using them without fail.

800w heater – $47.99

temperature controller (1000w) – $38.99

food storage box 12″ x 18″ x 9″ (for cooking) – $16.93

(Optional: Food storage box 26″ x 18″ x 9”  – $38.48)

Air pump (circulation of water) – $5.99

4 inch air stone – $4.82

Air tubing – $3.51


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