Entag on Dremel power cable

I needed to pick up a Dremel PowerTool today to finish a task. I didn’t have one, so I figured why not now?  Everything went hunky-dory and I picked up a Dremel 3000 series.  Wonderful tool though it only comes with a tiny carving cutter instead of the carbon tungsten cutter that you usually see in commercials and television.  However the little carving cutter works fine for me as I bought it to simply cut a hole.

An interesting little strap on around the power cable was the largest piece of my life when I pulled it out of the package.  Simple black and strapped onto the power cable as if it was an RF frequency protector.  Simply labeled Emtag with do not remove on the back and in the front. I did look it up on the net and it ended up being a shoplifting tool to prevent people from stealing.  I simply insert it in my pocket knife into the edge of it, twisted, and pulled it off. Inside was a shoplifting sticker that you see on quite a few products in regular stores. Interesting that there is no mention of this in any of the documentation and leaving the customer with the idea that it has some sort of meaning.

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