New Prosthetic socket technology available

I found this article about a new prosthetic socket technology available that makes it easy to regulate the socket size around your limb depending upon needs. The human limb can swell and shrink depending upon many variables (salt, sugar, humidity, blood pressure, etc etc) and with normal sockets the rigid design means using socks around the limb to compensate. This doesn’t create a hard & fast hold most of time, and leaves room where blisters & sores can be formed. On a limb in a socket, a blister/sore can be a very bad thing since the limb sits in an enclosed (most of the time air-tight) environment constantly.


Sure, it’s not cutting edge like I want it to be.  I’d really love to have my leg opened up on the operating table, and have a fusion device around my bone with the tissue fused to the fusion interface.  (likes of fuse and fusion! 🙂 )  This can be done, it just hasn’t been.

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