Auto Accident Reprocussions

It looks like no one cares to bring the guy who hit me to justice. Even with a plate number, both the police & insurance company are treating this as a hit-n-run with no other individual in the mix. I received contact from my insurance company, and the damage has been estimated to be greater than $15,000, which is over the repair amount covered which means they are totaling the vehicle.

This is a time I think back to when I was doing my vehicle financing and almost said “no” to gap coverage, thinking insurance would just cover everything. I was feeling cautious at that time, and agreed to the gap coverage, which in this case is going to save me approximately $15,000. That means I (more than likely) won’t be working for the next year or two paying the monthly loan amount for a totaled car. I say more than likely because paperwork isn’t complete yet, and I’ll only feel confident when everything is complete.

I don’t think people in my life realize how much this kind of thing really tears at you. When you buy a car, lots of emotional stress is gone through for about a week. Little things to make the car “yours” is done, and suddenly it’s all gone. It’s not like you have a car to trade-in a car to buy another, either. Add that to the fact that I’ve expended my entire savings on moving & deposits, and it’s a proverbial perfect storm.

It’s times like this you realize who your true friends are, and it’s not about money at all. It’s about time, which is worth more than money. I’m learning just how true they are….

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