Auto Accident

Yesterday was a blessing & a curse, unfortunately. After my time at the prosthetists office, I was driving home with my new prosthetic (with a test socket for fitting), and I ended up in an auto collision with an SUV. I was trying to avoid him but unfortunately he felt my Prius needed to be taught a lesson so I was broadsided and pushed over the median, which locked my steering and sent my car diagonal through traffic to the side of the road, colliding with the sidewalks and a couple of other misc objects. Basically the car is inoperable since everything grinds underneath. It was a hit and run, with a black ford of chevy (either a blazer or an explorer) with Arizona plate number BJT1414 drove away to lick his wounds in private.

The passenger side of the car is impacted entirely (paint all down the side with a scratch down half the car from the mirror), both rims on the drivers side are bent deep, the drivetrain has material bent into it.  I have to give it to the Toyota Prius though, it really isolates the people inside during things like that!  The suspension took most of the impacts as I hit the curbs & objects, leaving the car to take the brunt force while the people inside aren’t injured.

I’m hoping the police are able to track them down so justice can be served. The police said that if they can’t find any evidence on the vehicle once they track it down, there’s nothing they can do. As it stands, I feel like I’m very vulnerable no matter where I go, now. Have we turned into Russia where we need to video tape everything?

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I don’t hurt people, and people go out of their way to hurt me.  Is it really time to change?



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