New prosthetic

It’s that time again! I wore the hell out of my prosthetic over the last 7-8 years… Badly. The seal pump has been non working for years, and the socket has scars in it from climbing and once sliding across the ground at 15-20 mph. Not to mention the socket size needs to change ever 5-7 years due to shrinkage. My poor shoe shifts about 90 degrees circularly due to the pump issues also 😉 it makes life unbearable at times.

I’m getting refit for my socket by hanger prosthetics, and since I’m basically antique tech wise, I get a pump and foot in one unit with no sleeve! My leg cover will have a rubber piece acting as a seal in the socket, so I can go without suction up my leg.
The big deal for me is everything will be ready from the start for sports related activities like running (or working to it again), cycling, and climbing. It will be about half the weight of my current one, as well. I’m hyped because I haven’t felt like I could really do any sports related activities in years. Even walking has been hard.

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