The Darkness comes.

Around this time of the year, the proverbial darkness comes wafting in, covering everything.  All badness happens after Halloween, encompassing Thanksgiving & Christmas.  The only salvation it seems is the new year, a grip on a new life for another year.  It’s unique to me, others feel this time of the year as a time of love and thanks.  Nothing good has ever come for me during these times.

I’ve lost everything in my life during this time.  My grandmother, father, mother, myself….

Times such as these force me to create in my mind things to keep me floating.  Right now, as the grip of hell itself appears, I hope for everyone to enjoy their solstice/Christmas/Hanukkah/time to enjoy their family.  Everyone has their time to sit and pay thanks for what they have, it just happens that others pay thanks at other times.  I always am thankful for what I have, everything.  The only thing I can say is…. “Winter is coming”.


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