Milk Kefir has been fine tuned now!

My milk kefir grains have been run through many containers of milk and have been cultured properly, now.  They’ve changed their temperament, and are more mellow.  They’ve started becoming puffier, though not multiplying yet.  I’ll give them time for that, since they are doing the fermentation properly.

Right now, I have my milk kefir producing 1/2 gallon kefir daily, which works out just about right.  I’ve purchased 4 64-oz growler bottles, and 8 32-oz grolsch-style brown brewing bottles from Total Wine.  I pour each 1/2 gallon mason jar into 2 of the grolsch bottles and let them run through a second fermentation with the flip-top locked tight while in the refrigerator.  Afterwards, I pour them into one of the growlers, and store in the fridge for use.  What I’ve started doing is adding a touch of Stevia to the growlers, approximately 2-3 tiny scoops for the full container.  I then swish it up and it tastes wonderful!  I usually drink 2 glasses a day, and as the amount grows too large to make more I place the milk kefir grains into a quart mason jar and put it into the fridge.  a day or two before I’m ready for more, I take that jar out and let it warm up then ferment for a day to get them spun up again for production.

EDIT 9/14/2014:
And just when I get something how I like it, it disappears.  I made the mistake of putting the grains into the freshly emptied 1/2 gallon mason jar before I put the milk in.  Normally that isn’t a problem, but I turned to do other stuff and was side tracked, and later turned around and saw the container there needing to be cleaned… and well… cleaned it quickly.  After turning around for the grains and noticing they weren’t in the strainer as usual, I went cold.  They are down the drain now.
So, I have another set from a comrade coming via mail to my address this coming week, and hopefully this set will reproduce unlike the previous ones.  We shall see!  I am sad though.

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