Fresh Water Kefir from Yemoos Nourishing Cultures

After fighting for a week or two with getting the water kefir I purchased from Cultures For Health to be normal, I finally gave up and purchased a package of NON-dehydrated water kefir grains from Yamoos Nourishing Cultures. (  I was really surprised at how thick and ready they were!  The package contained liquid surrounding the grains, which was a welcome sight.  It was an immediate usage, just cut open the pouch and toss it into the sugar water.  I really do wish Cultures of Health would have done that instead of being dehydrated.  I realize they say it’s to stabilize them during shipment but I shouldn’t have to struggle to get my water kefir grains to act proper.  They should work right out of the package, with no “activation time”.

Right now, Cultures For Health ( is on my last nerve.  First the Kombucha I ordered from them basically sits there and does nothing, as I have another Kombucha SCOBY purchased from Kombucha Kamp ( that is already done it’s first fermentation.  It seems I’m going to need to avoid anything dehydrated, but then again I guess I am new to the whole swing of things and need to learn somehow…

Anyhow, that’s my beef for the day.  More later.


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