First taste: kombucha fermented tea (scoby from kombuchakamp)

After about 7-8 days of fermenting my sugar and tea with the kombucha scoby, I pulled out a small scotch glass and poured a small amount into it.  The smell is definitively kombucha with its lightly vinegary scent, and clean body.  I tasted it and immediately noticed several flavored at once, a sort of vinegar undertone with woodsy main taste with a few other notes around it.  Definitely delicious.

The body of the container now has the entire surface covered with a new scoby that is slowly growing.  Yeast clusters are blow the surface, where you can definitely see the work being done.  The entire bottom of the container is coated with yeast, a remnant there from the life cycle of each yeast and passing to the floor after its life is over.  I can see now the plus side of a conical brewing system, but the glass versions of those are $500+.  Not my cup of tea, no pun intended.

so yeah, that’s my kombucha brewing so far, and I am leaving it until 21-30 days.  I have a continuous brew system, so all I will do is add more sugar tea to the mix after this cycle is finished.  That one will only take 5-7 days maximum with all of the existing kombucha surrounding it, and away we go!

My houses temperature in the kitchen area where it resides is about 82 degrees, according to the thermometer on the wall.

More updates as time goes.

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