A Warning to anyone searching for information on a certain person…

This is a warning to anyone who is searching for information about their potential new girlfriend or partner, Rachelle Kagan Hampton. After a relationship with her for approximately 1 year, her true self appeared and I wanted to make sure anyone intelligent enough to search for information on someone would have the information needed.
First, she will become quite self-entitled, and expect everything handed to her. This will include weekly money, certain brands of bottled water (no tap water, nor filtered), along with repairs done on her vehicle that were pro-active of your even existing in the relationship. Mind you, if you do not repair this issue immediately, she will become upset since obviously it is owed. This issue occurred during the first month of her living in Phoenix with myself, and the pricetag was ~$800. At the same time, anything she will want done will need to be done or you will be scolded. One example is at the same time of the repair on her car needing to be performed, my own car’s air conditioning condenser was broken and needed to be replaced which was approximately $1,000. Keep in mind, her time in Phoenix was approximately 2 months, which meant that everything escalated quite heavily.

The largest thing is that before the move, she asked me if after the move I would promise to take care of her in her disabled state, and make sure nothing bad happens. Of course, everyone will say yes because reasonably that’s what a relationship is about. I quickly found out that is not the case with her, and looking at her history with past husbands I’m knowing the stories are skewed. She always makes out with quite a bit of merchandise during any relationship (large television, couch, rather expensive bedroom furniture, all from her previous relationship). While leaving this one, I made the mistake of leaving the house for a bit as she was moving stuff with the movers, finding quite a large amount of kitchen items missing, floor cleaning supplies were entirely gone, and the pantry food was almost entirely cleaned out (except for what she didn’t eat, such as hot chili or honey).

The largest issue for me is her borrowing my iPad 3 to use as a GPS while driving, which she said would be mailed back once she reached Texas again. (yes, I was nice enough to pay for the moving truck, car carrier) Once she made it to Texas, she refused to send it back. She continued to make excuses about how she can’t because her cat is in the animal clinic/vet, or that she is homeless. This was while I offered to pay for the shipping from Texas to Phoenix. I gave her significant time to fix her wrong, but she was spiteful and pretended to ignore all emails. She has reported to the authorities, and I have disconnected myself from her completely.

Just keep this in mind, and make sure your back is covered. It’s fine to be in a relationship with her if you two click, but it’s also nice to make sure that you have yourself protected.
Thanks for listening, and have a wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “A Warning to anyone searching for information on a certain person…

  1. I called this particular person out once on Facebook. I really did side with you and felt sorry. I had hoped you would see how much of a moocher she really was. She can’t do anything for herself and finds fault in anyone, but herself. It’s excuse after excuse. I can’t believe you made it to a year of dating.

  2. I’ll go as far as saying I had a lot of hope things would change and it was only the situation before. After the move and things turned how they did, I saw it wasn’t going to. You’re right.

  3. I did a search awhile back after you moved. Found a gofundme account, just like this blog. She was requesting funds for the trip back home and funds for her driver. Her reasoning was that you were quite abusive and gave her no money/took her money. Were you aware of the accusations?

  4. I was aware, and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I contacted the sites administrators and told them the situation, and they ignored it. If she had money (other than the 600 or so bucks that were donated to her at that site), I knew nothing about it. +$1,500 came out of my pocket for the truck and car carrier.

  5. I’m so sorry you had to go through that situation. However, you have completely turned a new leaf and found a new home and job. My sympathies for the loss of your parents too. I knew something was wrong with the above mentioned when she became quite angry during those two events. It was your time of healing and she presented a picture of it being about herself on FB. I really hope she never comes to the South. Bless her heart they will eat her alive. Best wishes to you and I hope you find a new love.

    P.S. I think your blog has set her over the edge again. Her friend number is dropping as she tries to figure out who I am. She is concerned that this will hurt her chance of ever getting a job. Which we know the real reason is about the disability. Again, best wishes to you and I hope someone is enlightened by the info you shared. It may spare them of wasting money, time, and love.

  6. Thanks for the thoughts, I’m still trying to put 2 and 2 together on everything that happened in that year. I do hope that no one else has to go through it. I never thought my blog would get onto google search, but it looks like I’m hitting the second page now. From whats before my blog in google, I’m thinking that’d impact her more than mine 🙂 (gofundme and various other posts)
    I’m not sure if she realizes it (she will now), but fibromyalgia is an ADA ceritified disability and by law is not required to be released to the employer. That will require not holding it as a trophy or a token of achievement, however.

    I’m not sure who you are myself, but thanks for the wishes and confirming my thoughts on the whole situation.

  7. No worries who I am. 🙂 I speak for a very large group. We are Team Dan. She is sending us messages telling us to not trust anyone. Very sad, because she lost all our trust already. It’s hard to believe someone when they expect so much, yet doesn’t give it return. So much help, donations, rides, errands, advice (goodness, so much advice) and she still asks us for more and shows no appreciation. Uses FB to bash us.

    Still can’t believe you haven’t received your iPad, but she feels she is owed for all that you have put her through. Have you turned off the service? Please tell me you turned that off!!! 😉

  8. The way I figure it, what benefit would I have to lie? It’s water under the bridge, and the only reason I wrote this blog is to make sure things didn’t happen in vein and someone else doesn’t go through it. (or learns for their own relationships with other people)
    I could go on for hours upon hours giving examples of what made me change my mind about having her in my life, but I’ll digress. 🙂 I had to remove her from my facebook page because it was starting to become drama and I’m not down with that, at all. I’ve washed her from my life now, I’m just working to get rid of the pseudo-PTSD hah…

    Thankfully the iPad I’ve written off for a couple of months since I replaced it with an iPad Mini and let her use that one. I did see a trend going where anything I let her use electronics-wise suddenly became hers, so I made sure I took back the Macbook Air a week before her move. (she did get upset about that)
    I did have her disable the service before the month was up, because I didn’t want to have to talk to AT&T about it. Soon, the service won’t be possible because of the theft and the blacklisting of it through AT&T. I’m just glad there will be no more hemorrhaging of money, time, and drama. I better stop before I start talking about everything that happened.

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