Trendnet TU-S9 USB to Serial Adapter

I needed a serial adapter for my Macbook laptop so I could console into a Cisco switch. I hopped over to Microcenter and picked up a Trendnet TU-S9 USB to Serial adapter for $19.99. The problem I had when I first tried it was that the disk that came with it only had OSX 10.6 drivers, and I had 10.8.
After removing the bad driver with “rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/ProlificUsbSerial.kext/”, I downloaded the driver ( I then decompressed the zip file, ran the install, and rebooted. I had the USB disconnected the whole time until the system came back up, upon which I plugged in the adapter. It was recognized as a network device, but I cancelled the configuration that popped up.
I downloaded ZTerm (, and the serial was recognized as “usbserial”. I made sure the connection was set to 9600-8-N-1, and everything was great.

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