Password storage across devices (and notes as well!)

I found the need to have passwords stored for a large number of devices, each with a different pass-phrase. The thing is, when you’re at work and need alot of passwords, remembering them can be difficult. I gave up storing them in my notes on my ipad since it was inherently insecure and just was ugly.
I picked up an app that works on my work computer (Windows 7), my home desktop (iMac), my laptop (Macbook), with a compatible app on my ipad as well. The desktop app is called “Password Safe”, and stores everything in an encrypted format, in hierarchical order. Nice thing is, you simply double-click on the entry and it saves the password to the clipboard to paste elswhere. Go back to the app and clear the clipboard.
The compatible ipad app is called “pwsafe”, and works about the same as Password Safe. The app uses dropbox for the file storage. I installed dropbox, on all the computers and created a directory specifically for the storage file. I then installed password safe on all the computers, and created the file from one of the computers. After that, I opened it in the other computers and made sure it was accessible.
I installed pwsafe on the ipad, which costs $2.99, along with the dropbox functionality which was $1.99. It works almost seamlessly with dropbox, and is pretty much point-and-click. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this without needing to install some sort of kludge to make it work.

So, now I have the ability to have passwords saved.

With that idea, I thought about storing notes across all devices, and I started using Evernote. The app is available on ipad/iphone/OSX/windows and I believe Linux as well. I created an account through evernote, and add stuff into the app. When I sync it, the data goes to evernote servers, then is available through other evernote apps logged into the same userid. Since I’m not storing anything really important other than knowledge, I couldn’t care less if someone else sees it so security is not a worry for this.
Nice feature is if I have a quick idea, they have an email address specifically for my account I can shoot an email to and it will create a note with that email. Nifty.

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