Diatomaceous Earth as a supplement

Such a bad name for this — Diatomaceous Earth. It’s not earth (dirt), it’s actually fossilized remains of phytoplankton that existed during the early ages when the land had water over it. The phytoplankton had mostly silica remains after they settled to the floor and decomposed. The remains collected into large layers of shells, now found underground in certain areas. Those areas are harvested, and the ones that reach FDA standards as edible are defined as GRAS. (Generally Recognized As Safe) It’s sold in the world now for animal supplements, and as a natural pesticide against pests with exoskeletons. The very reason why it’s used for animals (and recently, humans) is the 85-89% silica content, along with the “cleansing” effects it has in the digestive system. The silica also is a great addition to the body.

Since I know I don’t take in enough calcium and fiber through the day, I’ve decided to take the wild approach and try diatomaceous earth. There’s a billion ways to buy it, but I went with Red Lake diatomaceous earth. It has an addition of calcium bentonite, since it’s mixed with clay where they dig it up. That addition has added benefits, but I won’t go into it.

I received the bag yesterday via FedEx. I opened the bag, and I have to admit at first I was a little apprehensive since it was packaged almost like kitty litter. Once I opened it I was more at ease. It’s pure and clean, no contaminants that I can see. I have a plastic container I’m keeping a bit of the diatomaceous earth in, putting the big 40-lb bag somewhere else out of the way.
Taking the Red Lake brand can be a little odd, at first. It’s not very water-soluble, which makes mixing it with water like a circus act. (That’s how I’ve taken it, last night and this morning…) Because of this, I’m going to mix it with 8 oz of water & a bit of gelatin. It’ll be suspended in the water after stirring due to the viscosity, and no worries.

We’ll see how things go. I’m doing 2 tablespoon/day.

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