Absinthe Libertine 55

I’ve been wanting to try Absinthe for so long.  The only thing that stopped me was the merchant laws in effect – namely the absinthe laws.  From 1912 until 2007, absinthe was illegal to sell in the United States due to legislation that was brought about.  The original reason used in the law was the untested theory that Thujone is a hallucinogenic drug which leads to insanity, and worse.  The thing to remember is that a large number of people have consumed absinthe since it’s inception, including quite a few artists in the late 1800’s.

I figured it’s about time I do what I’ve wanted for years, and so I did.  In fact, I’ve grown quite enamored by it.  There are so many things going on at once with the preparation that sooth my nerves… I’ll consider it an OCD being squelched.  The fountain preparation, aligning the fountain edges, pouring just the right amount of water into the glass container, pouring absinthe into the glass in just the right amount, and turning the fountain knob just enough to make the drops start falling into the drink.

The scent is spectacular – each blend a different style of scent.  I’ve tried 6 bottles so far, each had their own personality.  Oddly enough, my favorite has been what many consider a basic.  It’s called Francois Guy, and while it has a large anise flavor I really like it.  Of course, there are others that have more complex flavors like the Absinthe Libertine 55.

One stereotype of Absinthe is that a sugar cube is used on a spoon, and water is poured over it.  While I tried that in the beginning, I’m not a huge sugar fan due to my families history with diabetes/etc.  I have found that Stevia is a GREAT addition if sweetening is desired.  Stevia has a light anise flavor to it as well, so the two complement each other.  Though, I have completely removed sweetener from the whole mix, and there’s not much of a difference asides from being able to taste the hidden flavors of the Absinthe that aren’t covered by the sweetener.


It doesn’t make you drunk as quick or as harsh as wine, beer, liquor, etc.  It’s a smooth feeling and I think the Thujone from the wormwood has a lot to do with that.  I can actually code lucidly (no bad pun intended) with 2 glasses of Francois Guy.

I get mine from Germany, at absinthes.com but there are other places.

There’s only one life to live and this life is great.

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