Why are drug proponents so adament for non-users to use?

This will be short and sweet since it’s pretty much laughable.
Lately over the last couple of years, drug users (Marijuana, etc) have turned from wanting to be able to abuse their drug de jour, to attempting legalization over the guise of medicinal purposes AND attempting to guilt others into taking it. Yes, if it hasn’t happened to you feel lucky because it’s starting to raise my hackles.
Why do people who abuse drugs have to constantly attempt to make themselves feel better about their addictions by trying to coax you into being healthier and doing said drugs? I’m pretty sure I’m healthy enough as it is, I don’t need doses of marijuana and other barbituates, narcotics, or other artificial hormonal/chemical artifacts to make me healthier… unless it’s medically necessary and diagnosed by a physician in exact dosages that have gone through laboratory tests for proven outcomes.

Illegal activities are illegal for a reason. We don’t want you around if your only purpose is to dose up and try to get others to do the same for personal legitimacy.


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