Independance day

This independence day is the same as all of the rest, and will remain in the same resonance. No thoughts of any wars since 1776, and no thoughts of anything more than fighting for our countries rights as a sovereign state. I believe that this nation still contains it’s purity underneath of it’s scars and tatooed wars. America has alot to sit still and think about on for quite while. That being said, July 4th is about remembrance of one things… when thousands of people felt the same as I do, and raised their rifles up, loaded and ready… to sustain the one thing this country is about and we all hold dear… life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Strike all religion out of the picture, nor any other trivial perceptions. The prime reasons this country exists is to pursue life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. That alone makes me shiver every time I hear it since it means so much. No other country in the world held such a doctrine at the time, and to raise your hackles up and proclaim such a thing was a huge endeavor. As we are at a precipice of wondering whether it is time to raise up in arms again, let’s first have a moment of silence for those that performed the first Amerian act of sustaining the people’s rights of this country.

This is to thank each and every person for fighting against the British to sustain our lands. Thank you for steeling your resolve, and for staying with yoiur inner self. Thank you for doing what many today could not do.

1776 is a year much the same as 2011. Simply remember that those people that died at the hands of the aggressors could have been the same that you know in today’s world. Our lands can turn into a battlefield nearly overnight. Let’s bow our heads for those that gave the offenders a reason to stay away.

Thank you. *lowers head and rifle*

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