Fax over iphone

Since I don’t fax very often (once every year or two), I haven’t bought another fax machine since I threw my last one away because it was a thermal paper style and I haven’t had an analog line since 2003.  None the less, when the time comes you have to fax stuff you end up spending lots of cash at Kinko’s/Fedex or other places… like $2 a page or so.
Having an iphone, I figured why couldn’t I just bypass the analog line all together and go over my cell line?  Seems only right, huh? 🙂
I found an app called JotNot Scanner Pro on the app store and it ran $0.99 to download.  I’m now able to take pictures of anything I want to fax, and organize a fax cover sheet with the app.  Once I’m done with that, I create a fax, include the pictures as pages, and hit fax.  There is a charge of $0.99 for every 5 pages sent, and that’s not bad at all. 

I tested this out today on my work fax machine.  I took a picture of the side of a teabag box I have, and faxed it to myself with a cover sheet.  Within 30 seconds of it finishing the send, the fax was being recieved on the machine.  The image conversion to fax black-and-white was very good, I’m impressed.  Naturally, the stamp across the top of the sheets states the company name sending it (MobiTech 3000 LLC) with their number right next to it, but not many people ever pay attention to that part, anyway.

So, in a nutshell, if you have an iphone you have the ability to snap a picture of each of your pages to send whenever you feel like it, for a very competitive price!  Think about this the next time your at Denny’s/Starbucks/Burger King/Souper Salad/Safeway for lunch and need to fax off some documents real quick to a client or a business.  Obviously you’d want to understand the interface before you use it for a time sensitive thing like that, but hey  you have an option 😛

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