Someone’s attempt to translate their diesel truck’s CO2 output as a POSITIVE… a comedic post here

After lots of reading about enhancements to the Prius engine, etc, (I’m a tech-head, I like to learn) I read this one post that was out of the blue and really was a head scratcher.  Apparently, some people feel the need to prove that “the man” doesn’t know what they are talking about.  Here’s the post for your viewing pleasure:

You all would hate my diesel 3500, because I can fill a whole intersection with smoke in about 30 seconds. However that same 6.5L engine gets about 20 mpg, that doesn’t sound like much exept that if it had a comparable gasoline engine is would get closer to 10 mpg.
Also CO2 isn’t as bad as you would think, thanks to the CO2 from gas and diesel engines trees and other plant life can produce more food which allows them to grow faster and stronger. Since I live in the country smog is not an issue. It could be argued that the problem with smog forming emitions is not with the emitions but instead with so many people living in cities that trap the gasses, and the lack of plants in cities to capture the CO2.

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