Odd melodrama and skewed logic on Craigslist sales flagging

Having never had a problem with Craigslist ad posting in the past, and never posting anything to sale for about a year or so, I figured I’d put my older car up for sale since someone could possibly use it more than me and I just don’t *care* about it anymore.  So, I did so… it’s a 1989 Honda Accord that ran before I took my battery out to charge it indoors and the cable broke.  Naturally when you work all the time, and you have other vehicles, it tends to sit in the back burner.  The Kelly Blue Book (well, 2 years ago, now it can’t be looked up) was $1,800 and it degrades slowly.  I figured, hey… someone can put a new cable on there, take the battery and have fun with it for a very low price.  I posted it for $600 with full description of everything that happened in it’s life and what’s wrong, along with my current situation of not being able to work on the car since it’s never daylight when I’m home along with being an in apartment complex that severely disallows auto mechanics.  (not to mention large chances of having your stuff walked away with while your under the car, or your legs run over as they protrude out into the drive)  Would you believe that through one day (less than 8 hours!) the post was flagged 6+ times?  Now, when a post is flagged, it doesn’t give a reason other than “Approximately 98% of postings removed are in violation of craigslist posting guidelines.”

I had to babysit the ad the whole day while at work and waste my precious time to make the ad achieve a sale.  How pathetic.
However, after the sale, I took my time to go to the kiddy room that’s called a forum to find out why.  Would you believe they said it should be in the “Auto Parts” section because it “doesn’t run”… telling me it should be sold for $250 as parts?  A battery cable goes bad and someone’s getting a deal, and suddenly it turns into “auto parts”.  I did attempt to instill logic to the whole mix up, and waiting for that sudden click in the posters of the forums head, but it always perked to “you were selling auto parts everyone wants cars they can drive away with no matter what otherwise it’s auto parts”.

So, on that note, I’m going to count my blessings that I’m not in the sad, sad world that those people surfing Craigslist are.  It hurts my brain to think that others could break down the world to “working” and “not working” in black & white and expect that to be gospel.  It’s actually kind of scary since these people vote… or maybe they can’t, I don’t know…

This weekend I’m going to take my time and contemplate on how my life is with this thought.  I’ll take poll of everything and make sure I realize just how lucky I really am.  Others are hurting I see, and it’s kind of emotionally painful to witness it firsthand.

Everyone, keep these people in your thoughts, and remember this when you post to craigslist when selling something.
Donate to Goodwill, it gives these people a job, as well.

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