The “big toothbrush” view of stupidity

Remember back in school (well, back in the 70’s or so at least) when they’d show you how to do something like brushing your teeth they’d have a huge toothbrush and a huge set of teeth, and show you in monster detail how to brush your teeth properly?  Well, I’ll say this, some people’s ideologies and brain-spouts that happen in the world can be the “big toothbrush” of human stupidity.  I wanted to share this, because when I read it I first had the face-palm feeling but as I was reading it I actually found it hilariously stupid… stupidity to the point of humor is a wonderful thing sometimes.

Here it is, for your viewing amusement… this is in relation to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami… by the way, put down the coffee before you read this, I wouldn’t want a monitor covered with spray like mine almost did as I was reading it:

Has it occured to anyone that The disasters in Japan have been created by mother nature? Whales and Dolphin have been brutally slaughtered by the Japanese fishing industry and now they’ve had enough! Whales and dolphins have been found to hold great intelligence in scientific studies. No one knows how intelligent they actually are but it has been thought that they may be on Par with the human race. Its possible whales and dolphins have gotten to the point twhere they are tired of their companions being murdered in cold blood and have found a way to strike back. No one knows what exactly lies at the bottom of the pacific ocean, is it possible whales and dolphins have harvested Atlantean/Alien technology to utter destroy Japan with a quake/tsunami? I really believe we need to start looking closer into the connection of the slaughter of these beautiful intelligent animals and the disaster that struck Japan. hell hath no wrath like a womans scorn..and mother nature is the baddest B*tch you’ll ever meet.

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